Telehealth visit
Sean McBride, et al. v. Hawkins

Healthcare specialists and patients fight for right to telehealth

Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation free of charge, Shellye Horowitz and Dr. McBride are challenging California's licensing law that threatens patients' access to necessary, specialized medical care and rights of qualified specialists to treat them.  ...

Minnesota State House
American Alliance for Equal Rights v. Tim Walz

Race quotas for public service deny equality and opportunity

Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation at no charge, The American Alliance for Equal Rights is fighting back. Its federal lawsuit challenges the Minnesota Board of Social Work's race-based membership quota as violating the Constitution's equal protection guarantee. A victory would ensure that all candidates can compete equally to serve on the soci ...

homebirth midwife
Swanson v. Hilgers

Nebraska midwife entrepreneur fights unjust ban on her profession

Heather Swanson believes that the ability of mothers to choose where and how to give birth is an important right. Yet these foundational freedoms are under siege by a Nebraska law that defies logic and basic human rights. It is the only state to outright ban CNMs from home births; failure to comply is a felony. Meanwhile, lay midwives and doulas, w ...

Valencia Ag, LLC v. Alexander

Race and sex preferences in New York business licensing deny equal treatment and opportunity

When the State of New York legalized cannabis in 2021, William and Emmet Purcell seized the opportunity to plant roots in the burgeoning industry. By September 2023, William and Emmet had established their business, Valencia Ag, in upstate New York. They signed a $2,000-per-month lease—plus utilities. All that remained was to get a license. Valen ...

Californians for Equal Rights Foundation v. City of San Diego

San Diego first-time homebuyers fight for equal treatment under the law

The San Diego Housing Commission launched a pilot program in 2023 to help middle-income, first-time homebuyers achieve "the dream of homeownership." The program provides up to $40,000 for down payments and closing costs—among the greatest barriers to first-time homeownership.  No matter who meets the eligibility requirements for residency, fina ...

Do No Harm v. Gianforte

Race and gender preferences deny equality and opportunity on Montana’s public boards

Government regulatory boards are commonplace for countless professions throughout the country. Boards governing healthcare professions are among the most notable, as they're tasked with protecting citizens' health and safety. All states and several U.S. territories established boards to regulate the practice of medicine. In Montana, medical practit ...

Zip Kombucha, et al. v. Joan Wilson, et al.

Alaska breweries battle unfair restrictions to restore economic liberty

After a decade of wrangling to bring the state's alcohol laws up to date, not much has changed. Breweries and wineries are now "generously" allowed to host up to four events per year, but only if the proprietor pays a $100 fee per event and obtains a permit. (Games like darts and pool remain strictly prohibited.) These businesses can now stay open ...

American Alliance for Equal Rights v. Kay Ivey

Race quotas for government boards deny equality and opportunity

State law requires Alabama's governor not only to appoint all AREAB members, but also to consider race when making appointments and deny opportunities for some qualified citizens to competently serve the public based on no reason other than their race. Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation at no charge, the American Alliance for Equal Rights is f ...

Lynn v. Goff

Oregon teacher fights for equal treatment under the law

Tyler has always stood up for fairness and equality, and now he's taking a stand for the right to be treated equally in Oregon's reimbursement program. Represented by Pacific Legal Foundation at no charge, Tyler is fighting back with a federal lawsuit, continuing an essential lesson for his students that the government must treat individuals based ...