Kevin Fair stands in front of his home
Fair v. Continental Resources

Nebraska widower fights government-sanctioned home equity theft

The outside world came to a screeching halt for Kevin Fair in 2013. His wife, Terry, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Kevin had to quit his job so he could care for her at their Scottsbluff, Nebraska, home where they'd lived for nearly two decades—the home was a wedding gift from Kevin's mother. ...

Row homes along the Royal Street in the French Quarter
Ariyan Inc. v. Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans

Fighting for timely just compensation for government-damaged property

Hemorrhaging money and time, and unable to repair their properties or restore their businesses, these small businesses and property owners are asking the Supreme Court to confirm their constitutional right to reasonably timely just compensation. ...

Medeiros v. Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

Hunters’ ‘right to retrieve’ tramples property owners’ right to exclude trespassers

Jim Medeiros and his family run their own business, White Oak Meadows, on land they bought in 2012 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Located outside of Richmond, the family cultivates environmentally responsible forest and farm products, including beef and poultry raised solely on grasses and native vegetation. Ranching can be a tough-enough indust ...

Vondra v. City of Billings

Local government wields unannounced, warrantless search power over private businesses and home practitioners

Short stints in a salon and a chiropractor's office are all it took for Theresa Vondra to discover her true passion: helping people achieve total body wellness through massage therapy. She graduated from massage therapy school in 2006 and spent several years working for others before starting her own practice in Billings, Montana, where she was ...

Foss v. City of New Bedford, et al.

State’s tax takings law enriches private company with senior citizen’s home and life savings

Life has not been easy for Deborah Foss in recent years. The 66-year-old grandmother lives in Massachusetts on a small, fixed income from Social Security. She suffers from several medical conditions, including chronic lymphocytic leukemia, COPD, and neuropathy. Despite these struggles, Deborah cared for her ailing mother for the last 10 years of he ...

Hall v. Meisner

Michigan families fight to close state’s home equity theft loophole

When Tawanda and Prentiss Hall fell behind on their property taxes, they did what many financially strapped homeowners do: set up a payment plan with the local government. They didn't want to lose the Southfield, Michigan home where they lived with their children. The Oakland County treasurer ended the plan, however, with the tax debt standing a ...

Coastal Property
Stephanie Heigel-Tibbitts v. California Coastal Commission

Couple fights unlawful Coastal Commission limbo to build wheelchair-friendly home

PLF has challenged CCC actions for decades and has several lawsuits in progress, and with PLF's help, the Tibbittses fought back. Here, PLF filed a lawsuit and asked the state court simply to force the CCC to hold a hearing to make a decision on the permit. Just prompting a hearing will set a precedent for coastal property owners to defend their du ...

Johnson v. City of East Orange

New Jersey family fights government-sanctioned property theft

In 2014, Lynette Johnson bought commercial property in East Orange, New Jersey, for her son and daughter to run their businesses. Unfortunately, Lynette never received notice of her tax assessments, the eventual tax lien, and foreclosure. By the time her tax lien was foreclosed in 2018, she owed close to $20,000. The city sold the property to a pri ...

Yim v. City of Seattle (II)

Seattle wages unconstitutional war on landlords

In a misguided effort to combat racial disparities in housing, the City of Seattle passed the "Fair Chance Housing Ordinance," which forbids housing providers from considering applicants' criminal histories, usually uncovered in a standard background check. PLF represents several small-scale housing providers who are denied their constitutionally g ...