A new authority for the Supreme Court

December 06, 2011 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

Yes, John Rosenberg, we are citing to you. Mr. Rosenberg has a post over at his excellent blog, Discriminations, noting that I cited his blog in a recent amicus brief filed on behalf of PLF, the Center for Equal Opportunity, the American Civil Rights Institute, the National Association of Scholars and Project 21 supporting certiorari in Fisher v. University of Texas.  (Loyal readers of the Liberty Blog will know that I have noted the quality of Mr. Rosenberg’s work before.)

Although I am a fan of Mr. Rosenberg’s work generally, the post cited in our brief is particularly relevant to the issues in the Fisher case.  The University of Texas is using race in determining whether students should be admitted to the univeristy.  Their rationale is that they need to discriminate in order to attain the educational benefits that flow from a racially diverse student body.  But, as Mr. Rosenberg’s post demonstrates, the benefits that flow from a diverse student body are anything but clear.

The countdown in Fisher is on.  Within the next two months we should know whether the Supreme Court will accept the case.  In the likely event that the Court does accept the case, I hope a few of the justices will happen to find themselves over at Mr. Rosenberg’s blog.  His hard work has produced a top-notch, scholarly blog, that is certainly worthy of being an authority for the Supreme Court.