PLF files lawsuit on behalf of Flash Beach Grille

September 04, 2014 | By MARK MILLER

Community supports the Flash Beach Grille

Last week, my Pacific Legal Foundation colleague, Christina Martin, blogged about the PLF’s new lawsuit against Martin County, Florida.  Pacific Legal has asked the state circuit court to declare that Martin County’s government is illegally prohibiting its clients, Robert and Anita Breinig, from using their private property to expand their successful restaurant, The Flash Beach Grille.  Martin County refuses to let them use all of their property because the county insists the Breinigs abide by a land use restriction the Breinigs did not agree-to, and which the county failed to record many, many years ago.  To learn more about the case, listen to the podcast we recorded with the Breinigs, in which they speak about how the county has turned their business plans for the popular Flash Beach Grille upside-down, and explain why they had little choice but to sue their local government.

We anticipate that the court will set a hearing date shortly, and look forward to reporting more about the case at that time.