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CareersPacific Legal Foundation is only as good as the talent we employ. Knowing this, our hiring philosophy is simple: we seek to hire the best talent available.

We’re constantly and aggressively on the lookout for employees who live and breathe our core values:

  • Positive and Optimistic: We seek positive change, confident that the principles of individualism and liberty will prevail over time. We work in a spirit of goodwill.
  • Strategic: We create opportunities and plan each new case and initiative with our objectives in mind.
  • Collaborative: We work together within the organization and seek cooperation with others who share our goals.
  • Principled: We act consistently with our belief that individual liberty is the key to the pursuit of happiness and a thriving society.
  • Determined: We forge ahead knowing that energy and persistence are necessary to succeed.
  • Committed to Excellence: We strive to produce the highest caliber work in all we do.
  • Just: We treat everyone with respect and fairness.

If you’re passionate about one or more of our job opportunities, and you’re enthusiastic about working alongside colleagues who share these values, then we encourage you to apply to be a part of the PLF team.

Summer 2020 Pacific Legal Foundation’s Liberty Clerkships

As Pacific Legal Foundation marches toward its 50th anniversary, we are redefining what it means to be a public interest law firm. Our attorneys identify and litigate important legal issues to set landmark precedent that will benefit Americans nationwide. Using strategic and principled litigation, communications, and research, we battle for freedom in the nation’s courts and the court of public opinion.

PLF attorneys continue to bring and win cases in the United States Supreme Court, including two victories last term. Simply put, we know how to get cases to the Supreme Court and we know how to win. Sound like the reason you went to law school? Then you ought to apply for our clerkship program.

We seek highly motivated, principled, and liberty-minded law students for paid, full-time summer clerkships, June through August 2020, in three of our offices: Sacramento, California; Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; and Washington, DC.

PLF’s law clerk program encourages and requires active involvement in on-going litigation, provides an introduction into the field of public-interest law, and offers a unique opportunity to study the constitutional and philosophical framework of liberty. Our law clerks receive hands-on training, as they perform legal research and writing projects in PLF’s five litigation areas: property rights, free speech, equality before the law, economic liberty, and separation of powers. Clerks are paid $16/hour.

If you share a passion to use your skills to vindicate the principles of freedom and individual liberty, you should learn what it takes to be a PLF litigator.

Applications are considered in the order received, please submit your application here.

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The Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to policies to achieve equitable hiring, assignment, and promotion practices. The Foundation encourages applications from all individuals interested in working to promote the principles of free enterprise, private property, limited government, and freedom of the individual.