[Past Event] – What’s at Stake: Tyler v. Hennepin County

Date: April 05, 2023
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Time: 3:00 p.m. EDT – 4:00 p.m. EDT

Failure to pay property taxes has consequences, like penalties or interest and, in the most serious cases, foreclosure. 

But the government should never take more than what’s owed. Every additional cent the government keeps is home equity theft, and it’s unconstitutional. 

Yet laws in 12 states and DC allow local governments to keep such windfalls at the expense of property owners. Between 2014 and 2021, local governments stole at least 8,950 homes and more than $860 million in life savings.  

These victims are often among society’s most vulnerable. They’ve lost jobs, suffered medical difficulties, or, like Geraldine Tyler, are seniors on a fixed income. 

Geraldine, a 94-year-old grandmother living in Minneapolis, incurred a property tax debt of $15,000. Her county seized her condo, sold it for $40,000, and kept the entire $25,000 surplus—far more than what she owed. 

Pacific Legal Foundation has fought for nearly a decade to end the unconstitutional practice, and with Tyler v. Hennepin County, the Supreme Court may finally end this injustice across the country. 

Tyler is the Court’s final case this term. Argument is set for April 26, and we want you in the know!  

Please join us for a virtual primer. Our panel of expert litigators will explain how Tyler’s outcome could impact the property rights of homeowners throughout America, especially those rights protected by the Fifth and Eighth Amendments.