Greenwire features several PLF cases in SCOTUS preview

July 26, 2016 | By MARK MILLER

PLF Interim President and CEO John Groen

Robin Bravender covers the Supreme Court and lower federal courts beat for Greenwire, and she usually captures the details that others miss. This week she previewed important cases the Supreme Court will consider next term, and Bravender focused on a number of PLF cases in that story.

First, her story turns the reader’s attention to Murr v. Wisconsin, a case PLF Interim CEO and President John Groen will argue. Murr “pits several siblings against government regulators in a squabble over whether the family has suffered from a government ‘taking’ of waterfront property in Wisconsin,” a concise summary of the case.

PLF’s Senior Fellow in Constitutional Law and D.C. Center Executive Director Todd Gaziano

As my PLF colleague, Executive Director of PLF’s D.C. Center Todd Gaziano notes in the story, “The Murr case itself is significant enough to make this an important term. [] But I think there is a potential for several other important property rights cases.” Those other important property rights cases, all featured in the Greenwire story, include several PLF cases, like Common Sense Alliance v. San Juan CountyBuilding Industry Association of the Bay Area v. Department of Commerce, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Property Owners v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The key takeaway from Bravender’s story: “battles between landowners and government regulators could be the center of environmental action in the Supreme Court’s next term.” Indeed. And you will find PLF’s attorneys in the center of that action, representing many of those landowners before the High Court.