Justice Thomas at 25 years on the bench

October 28, 2016 | By JAMES BURLING

Ed Meese introduces Justice Thomas at Heritage’s Joseph Story lecture

Justice Thomas is one of the most ardent supporters of our Constitution and the principles found in the Declaration of Independence and so it was fitting that he presented the prestigious Joseph Story Distinguished Lecture at the Heritage Foundation earlier this week. For those of who believe that fidelity to the original meaning of the Constitution is the best guarantor of individual liberty, Justice Thomas’s opinions — both majority and dissenting — have been uplifting. He is one of the few that dares question mistaken precedents, no matter how “enshrined” some believe they are in the law. Thomas has been both belittled and demonized by those on the hard left for an obvious reason: his clear logic and insistence on following the original meaning of the Constitution threatens the worldview that collective government must triumph over individual liberty. Justice Thomas has now been on the bench for 25 years and his recognition by the Heritage Foundation is well-deserved.