Koontz on Fox & Friends this a.m.

January 24, 2014 | By JAMES BURLING

I appeared this morning (3:20 a.m PST, 6:20 PST) with Coy Koontz, Jr., on Fox & Friends to discuss the continuation of his case.  After his victory in the U.S. Supreme Court last year, his case was sent back down to the Florida courts.  Right now, St. Johns Water Management district is doing its level best to relitigate issues already decided in order to avoid making things right.  Specifically, the trial court had awarded damages under a Florida statute for the period of time that it unlawfully refused to allow Coy Koontz, Sr.,  to develop his property for want of agreeing to the demand that he spend up to $150,000 to fix up government property miles away. The District simply is trying to do anything possible to outlast the second generation of the Koontz family as it carries on the fight. On Fox & Friends Coy expressed his frustration that the government continues to evade its responsibility to make his family whole.

Update: you can watch the video here.