Gifts of appreciated stocks or mutual fund shares can have an immediate, favorable impact to PLF and result in an income tax deduction for you.

Also, they can be gifted to PLF without triggering capital gains taxes, so long as your broker electronically transfers them directly to PLF’s account. You want to avoid selling the assets and then making a gift of the proceeds because that will trigger a capital gains liability for you.

Gifting Shares of Stock

To make a gift of stock to PLF, please call your broker with the information below regarding PLF’s account:

  • Fiduciary: Wells Fargo Clearing Services LLC
  • Name:  Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Contacts:  Lisa Monsour or Stacey Martinez
  • DTC:  #0141
  • Further Credit:  Pacific Legal Foundation, Account #: 4970-8525
  • Tax ID#:  94-2197343

Help us identify your gift: The sending brokerage firm does not always include the name of the client/donor when sending the shares. Please contact Jim Katzinski at (916) 288-1395 to let us know the company name and number of shares that are being gifted so we can easily identify them and provide you with a receipt for your generous gift.

This type of gift is right for:

  • Those with appreciated stocks. You can gift the stock to PLF and avoid paying capital gains taxes.

What are the benefits?

  • You will receive a charitable income tax deduction that is equal to the fair market value of the stock.
  • You can avoid paying capital gains taxes while supporting PLF.

Have questions? Need assistance?

Contact Gift Planning Officer Jim Katzinski at or 916-288-1395.