But far too few homes are being built. The reason? Land use regulations limit what types of—and how much—new housing can be built, significantly driving up the cost of new construction. As a result, building new housing is more expensive and time-consuming than it should be.

The key: giving owners freedom to use their property, which unleashes private enterprise to create more housing. We need to get government out of the way, not more government mandates. We need freedom in land use.

PLF is leading the charge to free property owners and builders from government barriers to housing production in courts and legislatures.

Home equity theft

Our Current Focus: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Also known as in-law suites or “granny flats,” ADUs are small, separate apartments that homeowners create on their property. They are typically less expensive than surrounding housing and are perfect for adult children or elderly relatives who want to stay near their families. They don’t change the surrounding neighborhood, and are thus a great way to slowly add to the existing housing stock.

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Accessory Dwelling Units are overregulated or banned in most cities

  • In most cities, homeowners cannot build another unit on their property if the neighborhood is zoned for single-family housing. And most land in major cities is zoned this way.
  • Legalizing ADUs is a small step to creating more housing, empowering property owners to make the most from their investment and add lower-cost housing to the market.
  • PLF’s model ordinance would ensure ADU permit approval process is certain, speedy, and low cost.
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California leads the way, but some localities resist

  • California implemented a state law at the beginning of 2020 that guaranteed the right to build ADU, as long as it means certain simple and pre-published criteria. This takes the uncertainty out of the permitting process.
  • But some local governments are resisting the state mandate. ADU applications still take too long to process in San Diego and Riverside Counties. Cities like San Marino and Malibu are rejecting permits for irrational reasons.

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Orange County Register: Much ADU about nothing

There are only three bad things about Accessory Dwelling Units. The first two are (1) the name, and (2) the acronym. Why does every good normal thing have to be given an anodyne cover name when it gets discussed in public policy?

Brookings: Reforming land use regulations

By Edward Glaeser: Arguably, land use controls have a more widespread impact on the lives of ordinary Americans than any other regulation. These controls, typically imposed by localities, make housing more expensive and restrict the growth of America’s most successful metropolitan areas.

The Mercatus Center: Land Use Without Zoning

The conversation about zoning has meandered its way through issues ranging from housing affordability to economic growth to segregation, expanding in the process from a public policy backwater to one of the most discussed policy issues of the day.

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