Update: Nevada has another chance to do the right thing

March 16, 2017 | By ANASTASIA BODEN

Today I’ll be testifying to the Nevada Assembly Committee on Transportation in support of A.B. 228, which would repeal the state’s Competitor’s Veto law.Image result for pacific legal foundation danell perlman

Readers might be having deja vu.  That’s because last year, I testified on behalf of PLF clients Danell and Ron Perlman in support of a similar bill.  That bill passed, but was vetoed by Governor Sandoval based on purported “safety concerns.”  Of course, those concerns are non-existent.  The repeal bill left in place the Transportation Authority’s ability to enforce health and safety regulations.  It simply got rid of the anti-competitive and unconstitutional requirement that businesspeople ask their competitors for permission before starting their business.  If anything, the repeal bill freed up resources for the Transportation Authority to enforce laws that actually protect public safety.

You can read my written testimony here, and watch my testimony at 3:15 pm here.