For earth day, federal bureaucrats pillage the earth

April 22, 2016 | By TONY FRANCOIS

Please check out my piece at the Flash Report for Earth Day. Therein, using PLF’s case on behalf of Duarte Nursery as an example, I show how government does less for our natural resources and environment than its agencies claim. Every bureaucracy issues slick press releases and publishes libraries full of glossy reports full of charts and footnotes. This just papers over the truth that agencies like the Fish and Wildlife Service, EPA, and the Army Corps of Engineers frequently harm the same environment they claim to be protecting. When it comes to protecting the environment, we should be just as skeptical of federal efforts as we are everywhere else our national government intervenes:

The federal government is no better at protecting the environment than it is at delivering timely health care to veterans, at fair administration of the tax laws, at improving local schools, at controlling the costs of and improving access to health care: pretty bad, unless you only count press releases and the number of pages in glossy reports.