Op-ed on Nevada's second bite at the free market apple

March 22, 2017 | By ANASTASIA BODEN

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has published my op-ed on AB 240, Nevada’s renewed attempt to get rid of its Competitor’s Veto law.

PLF Attorney Anastasia Boden testifying to the NV Assembly about the Competitor’s Veto

As I write in the article:

Nevada also passed a repeal bill last term, but Gov. Sandoval vetoed it on the basis of purported safety concerns.

Of course, competitor’s veto laws have nothing to do with safety. Even the safest, most hard-working and honest entrepreneurs must be denied a license under competitor’s veto laws — simply because they will compete. If anything, getting rid of the competitor’s veto frees resources for government authorities to enforce laws that actually protect public safety.

You can read the rest of my op-ed here.