PLF client JP Krause returns to Fox and Friends (updated with video)

December 25, 2017 | By MARK MILLER

Earlier this year, the story of PLF client JP Krause’s battle to become Senior Class President of Vero Beach High School went viral virtually overnight. Papers from London to Miami to New York and tv programs across the nation shared his story. JP, a young leader who won his school election but was disqualified afterwards by school administrators because of a funny campaign speech, found himself the center of attention because he promised (in Trumpian fashion) to “build a wall” between his school and the local rival high school.

After PLF took on his case, Fox & Friends brought JP on its top-rated morning program, and the hosts explained to the viewers that JP deserved reinstatement as class president. PLF made his First Amendment case in a letter to the school board that led to that Fox News appearance, and of course, the school board ultimately relented and reinstated JP as class president because of the public pressure PLF brought to bear upon it (including that Fox appearance and discussion on The View).

In wrapping up the year in news, Fox & Friends asked JP to return to the air and give the viewers an update on how his year as class president is going. You can watch JP’s most recent national tv performance here (and listen for the Pacific Legal Foundation shout out):