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Federal lawsuit fights for freedom in hearing care and targets outdated hearing aid licensing scheme

Melbourne, Florida; April 20, 2018: Today, Pacific Legal Foundation announced a federal lawsuit challenging Florida’s hearing aid licensing rules. These regulations haven’t kept up with the times: they mandate outdated procedures and unnecessary training, which aren’t needed for today’s technologically sophisticated devices. All these rules do is reduce access and increase cost for people affected with hearing loss. 

For 30 years, hearing aid specialist Dan Taylor has improved the lives of countless Floridians. Last year, Dan gave up his license on the grounds that federal rules on hearing aids should invalidate Florida’s onerous and outdated rules. He kept practicing but now is fighting for his right to keep working.

“The state slapped me with fines and a cease-and-desist order just because I followed federal rules instead of Florida’s rules,” said Dan. “How many people must be denied access to safe and affordable hearing aids—and a better quality of life?”

“The federal government has studied and determined that the type of hearing aids Dan sells pose no meaningful health or safety risks. As a result, it enacted fairly simple conditions on their sale,” said PLF Senior Attorney Larry Salzman. “A win for Dan means a win for you, or someone you know or love, with more competition, greater access, and lower costs in hearing care.”

The case is Taylor v. Polhill.  As with all clients, PLF represents Dan Taylor free of charge.

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