April 15, 2019

Supreme Court vacates Ninth Circuit’s ruling in Joe Robertson’s case

Washington, D.C.; April 15, 2019: Today the U.S. Supreme Court granted the late Joe Robertson’s petition to review his Clean Water Act convictions and immediately vacated the Ninth Circuit’s judgment in the case. The Court also agreed that Joe’s widow, Carrie Robertson, may represent his estate in the case. Finally, the Supreme Court directed the Ninth Circuit to determine whether the government’s $130,000 lien against Joe Robertson’s estate allows Carrie to continue prosecuting the appeal.

“Today’s announcement from the Supreme Court is a win for Carrie,” PLF Senior Attorney Tony Francois said. “We’re glad that Carrie will be allowed to stand in Joe’s place to continue this fight. Clearly the justices felt the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Joe’s case was erroneous and want that court to confirm whether Joe’s estate has a continuing right to contest the government’s $130,000 lien. We look forward to arguing on the Robertsons’ behalf at the Ninth Circuit.”

More information about the Robertsons’ fight is available at pacificlegal.org.

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