School Choice Week: The fighters

January 23, 2012 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

In honor of School Choice Week, I will be doing a 5-part blog series on school choice. While PLF is prominent in school choice litigation, I thought I would start this series by pointing out some the leading defenders of school choice around the country. Each of these organizations is doing fantastic work in the school choice arena, and we at PLF hope you check them out during School Choice Week.

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice — Started by Milton and Rose Friedman, the Friedman Foundation has a wealth of information for anyone looking to familiarize themselves with school choice issues. One of the coolest features on their website is this interactive map that allows readers to discover the school choice issues in their state.

The Cato Institute — Loyal readers may remember my tête-à-tête with Andrew Coulson of the Cato Institute last year. Mr. Coulson and the Cato Institute continue to do produce excellent empirical research on various school choice issues. Over at the Cato Institute’s blog, they are also doing a series of posts commemorating School Choice Week; Mr. Coulson’s first post was very entertaining.

The Heritage Foundation — Much like the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation also produces top-notch scholarly work concerning various school choice issues. Heritage also had a nice post this morning regarding School Choice Week.

The Alliance for School Choice does a lot of the ground level work mobilizing and campaigning for school choice. They give out an annual award to those who best advance school choice.

The Heartland Institute — Being from the midwest, I am particularly fond of the work being done at the Heartland Institute. The Heartland Institute is also commemorating School Choice Week.

There are a number of other organizations doing great work for school choice (Institute for Justice, American Federation for Children, School Choice Wisconsin, etc.) Please check out the work of each of these organizations this week. School Choice is taking over the country, but it could not be accomplished without the great work by these and many other freedom-loving organizations.