Catharina A. Gonzalez

Database Administrator |

Kay Gonzalez joined PLF’s IT and Development team in 2004. At that time, she had no real interest in anything legal or political in nature. She was solely interested in resolving IT issues and number crunching.

However, PLF’s property rights cases piqued her interest.  PLF’s press releases and videos featuring stories of big government abuse made her realize she was part of something remarkable. She was part of an organization that fought for something she truly believed in—the value and respect of human life.

Privileged to have been part of PLF during many U.S. Supreme Court victories, Kay remains proud to be part of the Foundation where she continues to work behind the scenes managing the Foundation’s donor database.

Prior to PLF, Kay spent a few years overseas teaching various computer classes for a private elementary school. She also worked as a database programmer and data analyst for an investment banking firm in San Francisco.

On weekends, she is busy with family activities.  Either bonding with her daughter in Santa Barbara, attending chorale ensembles in the Bay Area, or watching collegiate soccer games and gymnastic competitions in various states.  Needless to say, her children are her pride and joy. Otherwise, you’ll find her at her local church where she currently enjoys serving alongside the audio video tech team.

Kay received her BS degree in Computer Science from the University of San Francisco.