Eli West

Training Coordinator |

Eli West is a training coordinator on the talent and culture team of PLF. He provides professional development support across the organization so that our staff are optimally equipped in the fight for liberty.

After graduating from Hillsdale College in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in history, Eli spent five years teaching humanities for classical schools. Meanwhile, he completed a master’s degree in teaching from Templeton Honors College, where his studies focused on pedagogy and religious freedom in education. These experiences developed in Eli a determination to defend the exceptional freedoms articulated by America’s Founding Fathers. In all his work, Eli aspires to help cultivate a new generation of liberty lovers.

Eli hails from “West Ranch,” a cattle ranch nestled in the idyllic Sandhills region of North Central Nebraska. Now at PLF, he is proud to serve alongside the fiercest property rights defenders in the country. This work pays homage to many cowboys—like his late grandfather—who spend their whole lives warring off pernicious government policies.

While an avid fancier of DC’s museums and historical landmarks, Eli prefers less-claustrophobic places and is constantly scheming for ways to scratch off the next national park from his travel map.

In his free time, you’ll likely find Eli nose-deep in some highbrow piece of classic literature, dusting off the sand from the last volleyball match, cooking his spoils from a wild game hunting venture, or obsessing over photos from one of his five adorable nieces.