Eric Shear

Director of Business Intelligence |

Eric Shear is the Director of Business Intelligence. His primary goal is to ensure that PLF stays ahead of the game with the evolving digital transformation of our lives.

When Eric joined PLF, he led efforts to rebuild PLF’s website, email, and other marketing programs to help make good on PLF’s goal of being a next-generation public interest law firm. He continues to oversee and extend those efforts with an eye for bringing new audiences to PLF and making sure people can easily find and understand PLF’s work.

Eric believes strongly in individual liberty, founded in a right to property and privacy. In keeping PLF up to date with the latest technology, he ensures that the organization is a trustworthy steward of data and uses marketing intelligence to delight our audiences. He relentlessly pursues new techniques to amplify Pacific Legal Foundation’s voice and spread the stories of its freedom fighters.

Eric studied philosophy at Northern Arizona University, with a focus on the classics, and obtained his master’s degree in bilingual education and linguistics with coursework at the University of Buenos Aires. He spent the majority of his graduate career and early professional life abroad, building professional development systems in South America and China. Before joining PLF, Eric worked in various marketing agencies and software development firms specializing in business intelligence data and marketing automation.

Eric loves to reflect on how his time spent in socialist countries crystallized how American he is and why the values set down in our Constitution must be preserved for future generations. He likes to take his wife dancing, play tennis, and read science fiction novels.