Grant Brown

Multimedia Producer |

A relative newcomer to the liberty movement, Grant Brown brings his many years of experience as a Milwaukee-based multimedia producer to Pacific Legal Foundation to advance the fight for what he knows to be right. A lifelong storyteller, Grant is drawn to the human side of PLF’s countless cases, eager to lend a voice to those clients who have the courage to stand up for themselves in the face of otherwise insurmountable odds. This, while also attempting to inform others what these odds are and the consequences of allowing them to continue unchecked—hopefully in a convincing, sometimes funny, and compelling way.  

Having spent four years after leaving film school at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee working odd jobs while supporting his dream of filmmaking, Grant now leads production on PLF’s YouTube series, photographic storytelling, and the breakout SCOTUS-junkie podcast Dissed. Grant’s relentless creative spirit previously led him to developing his debut feature narrative film Scotch Tension and producing his still-running podcast hosted by fellow PLF freedom-fighter Allan Cogan, The Cogan Conversation. 

In true contrarian fashion, Grant will often spend far too much of his free time trying to convince you that Rogue One is the worst Star Wars movie ever produced, and would much prefer a DCEU film over a Marvel movie any day of the week. Outside of that, he enjoys sharpening his very novice culinary and baking skills, letting off steam in any number of Soulslike games, and partaking in a glass of bourbon on the rocks.