Jaclyn Boudreau

Brand Director |

Jaclyn Boudreau is brand director at Pacific Legal Foundation. Put simply, a brand is a story people believe about your company, and Jaclyn is responsible for making sure it’s a good one. To that end, she draws both from the old crafts—art and language—and the new—digital marketing and data.   

Video was Jaclyn’s first paramour. Prior to PLF, she directed a YouTube channel where her team published more than a hundred videos a year, including collaborations with Dan Carlin, Philip DeFranco, Edward Snowden, and The Onion. In her first year directing the project, Jaclyn doubled views in their target student demographic. The channel totaled thirty-six million views and over two hundred thousand subscribers when she moved to PLF in 2017. 

Her films for PLF have earned laurels from the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, IMDB’s Top Shorts, and others. “Quota” won Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty festival.  

Lest other mediums get jealous, Jaclyn has dedicated her training in recent years to design, copywriting, and storytelling. She’s been grateful to learn from world-class authorities such as Rhode Island School of Design; Alexandra Taylor, formerly of Saatchi & Saatchi; Will Awdry, formerly of Ogilvy & Mather; and Robert McKee, whose storytelling alumni have 70 Academy Award wins and 250 Academy Award nominations.  

Jaclyn received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a second major in philosophy back home in Massachusetts. While her father’s dream of a yacht is vanishing quicker than his hunting record, both of Jaclyn’s chosen fields have deeply informed her approach to strategic communications. Elle ne regrette rien.  

When she isn’t at the PLF office, Jaclyn can be found sparking debates at cocktail parties or painting in the home office she stole from her husband.