Jaclyn Boudreau

Creative Director DC

As Pacific Legal Foundation’s creative director, Jaclyn leads PLF’s art and writing capabilities, including video production, photography, design, the blog, and PLF’s quarterly magazine. Through storytelling and public education, Jaclyn’s team activates support for PLF’s cases and builds relationships between PLF and its freedom-loving supporters. Her films for PLF have been accepted into the Los Angeles Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, IMDB’s short film festival, and others.

Jaclyn has experience communicating libertarian ideas from her prior role at the Institute for Humane Studies where she directed the Online Education and Outreach teams. Most notably, she led IHS’ award-winning video project, Learn Liberty, which published more than 100 videos a year across multiple platforms and received over 50 million views.

Throughout her career, Jaclyn has magnified the impact of her work by collaborating with mission-driven organizations and content creators, such as the Rubin Report, The Onion, Reason, and others. She encourages potential partners to get in touch.

Jaclyn received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a second major in philosophy. She is currently enrolled in Smithsonian’s art history program.



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