Johanna Talcott

Attorney |

Property Rights

Johanna Talcott began her career as an attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation in 2016, departing briefly for a judicial clerkship with Judge Adalberto Jordan of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, a stint at the Institute for Justice, and a few years in private practice. She was thrilled to join PLF’s Property Rights Group in 2023, where she defends the rights of individuals to make productive use of their property free from unconstitutional government regulation.

Johanna has extensive pre- and post-trial litigation experience in state and federal court, representing plaintiffs and defendants, in matters ranging from contract disputes to multi-district litigation. She represented California fishermen in an action involving federal environmental regulations, successfully challenged a town ban on behalf of North Carolina food truck operators, defended a Florida developer against a harassing lawsuit from the City of Naples, and helped recover a family’s life savings that were unlawfully seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In law school, Johanna served as the Executive Managing Editor of the Law Review, President of the Federalist Society, and Vice President of the Federal Bar Association. She also participated in moot court and interned for Judge Frank A. Shepherd of Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals.

Johanna would almost always rather be camping, hiking, or kayaking with her husband, son, and dog Tackleberry. The soundtrack of her life features way too many podcasts and never enough Norm MacDonald clip compilations.

Johanna is a member of the bar only in the states of California and Florida.