John Sweeney

Media Manager

Property Rights

John Sweeney is a media manager with Pacific Legal Foundation. Focusing primarily on PLF’s property rights cases, he works with media across the country to tell the stories of Americans fighting to defend their private property rights against government takings and unjust regulations. He is particularly interested in PLF’s mission to end home equity theft. 

John graduated from Stockton College, where he studied political science, then earned his J.D. at Widener University Delaware Law School. Before joining PLF, he worked as a communications manager for The Fairness Center, a nonprofit public interest law firm that provides free help to those harmed by public sector union officials.   

John was born and raised in New Jersey. He believes passionately that New Jersey is America’s greatest state. For those who are not from NJ, no explanation will suffice, and for those who are, no explanation is necessary.    

He enjoys a tight 45-minute Mass, Cormac McCarthy novels, playing guitar (poorly), and Lagavulin scotch. He is both proud and embarrassed to have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of Seinfeld.