Katherine Turnbill

Legal Secretary |

Katherine Turnbill joined PLF in 2022 and is enthusiastic to be advancing the cause of liberty.  

She started working in the legal field in 2012 as a copy center temp and had the great privilege of evolving from this humble position to that of legal secretary by 2018. She treasures the freedom that enabled her to grow professionally at the same time her family grew. 

Now, she fights back against the governments encroachment upon individual rights. Her influences in liberty-minded thought are still expanding but include her husband, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and most recently, Murray Rothbard.  

Katherine lives in Indiana with her philosophical husband and the rest of her almost-cheaper-by-the-dozen family. When she can find the time, she loves to bake, go on nature walks, play the violin, and read fantasy, science fiction, and a variety of non-fiction.