Keelyn Gallagher

Strategic Research Analyst |

Keelyn Gallagher produces original research illuminating the impact of government on everyday Americans. Her goal is to inform the public with numbers and data when our individual liberties are being infringed.

So that her research makes an impact beyond academic citations, Keelyn joined Pacific Legal Foundation’s strategic research team as an intern in January 2020 while working toward her B.S. degree in economics at the University of Maryland. Currently she works part time while completing a master’s degree in public policy, also from UMD. She is expected to graduate in May of 2022.

Before PLF, Keelyn worked with the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission and with startups focused on government contracting.

She currently resides in College Park, Maryland, with her 9-year-old corgi, Roxy. In her free time, she plays for the UMD Women’s Club Ultimate team.