Michael Slabinski

Coalitions Manager |

Michael Slabinski serves as the coalitions manager at Pacific Legal Foundation, where he works with external groups and communities of stakeholders to build support for PLF’s legal and legislative work. Michael enjoys being able to connect broad principles like the separation of powers and property rights to real-world policy solutions and the people they affect. He believes that finding common ground among different groups is critical to achieving our shared goal of a free, prosperous future for all Americans.  

Prior to joining PLF, Michael was the director of the Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development (CIED) task force at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), where he oversaw the policy portfolio for labor, regulatory reform, housing, and transportation. In his role at ALEC, Michael cultivated relationships among elected officials, policy experts, trade associations, private sector stakeholders, and government agencies and designed policy discussions to develop cutting-edge legislative solutions. During his time as director, the task force developed new worker classification model language; started a housing, land use, and zoning working group’ updated a full portfolio of occupational licensing policies; and launched a new outreach strategy for legislative and committee staff. 

A Northern Virginia native, Michael enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, short walks on the beach, and driving to Rockville, Maryland, to train in jiu-jitsu.