Paula Puccio

Paralegal |

Paula Puccio joined PLF in 2007 and is a paralegal in Florida. She supports PLF’s national litigation team in the preparation, research, and filing of legal documents and briefs, from trial to the U.S. Supreme Court. She is also responsible for quality control of all legal documents.

Paula has over 30 years of experience in the legal field. She began her career in Long Island, New York, where she concentrated in real estate law, municipal law, and civil litigation at Lamb & Barnosky, LLP.  She also spent several years working in Manhattan at Hahn & Hessen, LLP, in the Empire State Building.  Her background in both civil litigation and real estate law has prepared her in joining PLF’s fight for property rights, free enterprise, and limited government.

She joined the PLF team when she relocated to Florida in 2007 and earned her designation as a PACE (Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam) Registered Paralegal®, a designation held by less than 50 paralegals in the State.

One of the highlights of Paula’s career at PLF was finding The Crafted Keg, a local restaurant that challenged the State of Florida’s ban on 64-oz. craft beer growlers. Helping a local business in her home town of Stuart, Florida, to fight a ridiculous law and receive national recognition was a rewarding and eye-opening experience.  She has witnessed too many local businesses fail because of government intrusion. Knowing it is possible to fight back and win makes her proud and confident that PLF’s work is so very important to hard-working Americans trying to make an honest living.