Rico Brown

System Support Technician |

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Rico Brown is a system support technician at PLF. He helps the PLF team use and troubleshoot IT equipment.

Rico’s background is in manufacturing, higher education, and professional services. He holds an associate’s degree in mission-critical operations with a focus in information technology, as well as certifications from CompTIA and AWS. He’s currently finishing his bachelor’s degree at Western Governors University in information technology. Part of what drew Rico to PLF was the firm’s fight against home equity theft, an unjust government practice that hurts low-income and elderly Americans. Rico and his wife enjoy traveling and trying new restaurants, something their daughter also loves. Rico also enjoys watching YouTube to learn about new technologies and watching action movies and romantic comedies when his daughter isn’t hogging the TV.

Rico lives in North Carolina. He has a small dog who thinks she’s the size of an elephant.