Sandy Chauvin

Executive Assistant for Development |

Over the years, Sandy Chauvin has watched as government entities at all levels slowly strip everyday Americans of their freedoms and liberties. 

She found herself engaging in more and more debates with friends and family about how a simple regulation here, or a mandate there, while superficially innocuous and well-meaning, actually erodes the very core of our constitutional rights.  

The COVID crisis only magnified this blind trust in government, as so many people followed arbitrary and irrational orders by a government they believed would protect them. 

What she saw, and wants others to see, is how inchbyinch, Americans are increasingly losing the foundational individual rights granted by the Constitution. And worse, even one little inch of liberty lost may never be restored. 

That is, until Sandy discovered Pacific Legal Foundation and its mission of fighting for those Americans who do not have the means to stand up to local, state, or federal government.  

PLF empowers these citizens to fight back against government overreach—and win! Sandy jumped at the chance to join the PLF family. 

She brings more than 15 years of experience as an executive assistant to PLF’s development team. Working from PLF’s Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, office, Sandy’s daily inspiration stems from her strong belief that as Americans, we each must be able to stand up for the liberties we hold dear, or there will not be an America as we know it. 

Originally from South Louisiana, she will never give up her Cajun roots but has resided in South Florida for most of her adult life. When she’s away from the office, Sandy finds joy in running, boating, fishing, and almost anything outdoors.