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Tag: california legislature

March 03, 2014

The road to serfdom: not just a book, it's a California Assembly bill

Liberty Blog readers are probably familiar with F.A. Hayek’s classic The Road to Serfdom.  In it, Hayek warns against the unavoidable outcomes of central planning, including the loss of individual freedom and the failure of any but the most rudimentary and oppressive plans to deliver the stated goals, all while destroying prosperity and crea ...

August 23, 2013

Should the Coastal Commission be given more power to control private property?

That is the heart of the question surrounding Assembly Bill 976, which would grant the Commission authority to level civil penalties against property owners without having to go to court.  As we've previously reported, giving additional power to an agency with a documented and lengthy history of violating property owner's constitutional rights is ...

May 03, 2013

AB 823 held in Assembly committee without hearing

California’s Assembly Bill 823 has had a busy couple of weeks, culminating in a victory for property rights.  After cancelling two scheduled hearings in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee, the author amended the bill last week.  While the amendments were apparently aimed at reducing opposition to the bill, Pacific Legal FoundationR ...

April 26, 2013

Meet the new AB 823 – worse than the old one

California Assemlybill 823 (Eggman, D – Stockton) is the land grab bill that we have posted about here and here.  It has been scheduled twice for a committee hearing, and twice the author has cancelled the hearing.  This usually means that the author knows the bill will fail the committee vote absent an improved lobbying ...

June 01, 2010

Update on PLF's lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of AB 21

Author: Joshua Thompson Last October Pacific Legal Foundation filed a writ of mandate directly in the court appeal challenging the constitutionality of Assembly Bill 21 (AB 21).  AB 21 requires the state to grant race and sex based preferences for a number of different public building contracts.   What makes this ...