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Tag: Chris Reed

November 02, 2011

PLF’s Timothy Sandefur talks with KOGO’s Chris Reed about taxis and economic freedom

I was on San Diego's AM 600 KOGO with Chris Reed to talk about economic liberty and taxi regulation, a subject I blogged about the other day, and which also sparked this excellent op-ed by former San Diego City Council member Larry Stirling. You can listen to the interview here—my segment starts at about 18:00. ...

March 04, 2010

Contrasting BAMN with PLF

Author: Joshua Thompson I was recently forwarded a radio interview with a BAMN attorney on the John & Ken show on AM 640 in Los Angeles.  The attorney, Monica Smith, is purportedly arguing in favoring of overturning Proposition 209, but it is admittedly hard to make out any legal argument amidst the hyperbole. You can listen ...