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Tag: Coho

February 22, 2018

New brief in California Coho listing challenge

Yesterday PLF filed an amicus letter urging the California Supreme Court to grant review in Central Coast Forest Association v. Fish & Game Commission. In this case, the California court of appeal upheld (on remand from the state’s high court*) the Commission's decision to protect various ephemeral and hatchery-dependent populations of Co ...

February 28, 2013

California supreme court to decide whether fish and game commission should correct mistakes

In December we reported on a California appellate court decision which says that when the California Fish & Game Commission erroneously lists a species under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA), it cannot correct the mistake.  The case arises out of petition that a forestry association and a timber company filed with the Commission t ...

January 25, 2013

Central coast forest association petitions the California Supreme Court

In December, the California Court of Appeal ruled, in Central Coast Forest Assoc. v. California Fish & Game Comm., that one may not petition the California Fish and Game Commission to de-list a species, under the California Endangered Species Act, on the basis that the species was not eligible for listing in the first instance.  ...