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Tag: contracts

March 14, 2014

Cal Supreme Court denies review of huge punitive damages award

Yesterday the California Supreme Court denied review in Asahi Pharma Corp. v. Actelion.  Pacific Legal Foundation had submitted a brief urging the Court to review and overturn the Court of Appeal's decision—which resulted in one of the biggest punitive damages awards in California history. ...

September 12, 2013

Washington Supreme Court affirms it doesn’t like arbitration clauses

Today the Washington Supreme Court issued an opinion in Hill v. Garda, which, unsurprisingly, demonstrated the lasting contempt among courts for arbitration agreements.  In Hill, a group of Garda employees brought a lawsuit against Garda for purported wage and hour violations.  Garda asked the district court to compel arbitration pursuant to an a ...

February 12, 2013

PLF counsels the Council to not use race

PLF and our friends at the Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO) frequently send letters to local governments that are considering whether to adopt discriminatory race- and sex- based contracting preferences.   These letters urge local governments to refrain from classifying individuals on the basis of race.   Local construction contracts should g ...

January 04, 2013

President's weekly report — January 5, 2013

Individual Rights — Equality Under the Law Project Shelby County v. Holder on Jan. 2, 2013.  Back in the early years of the civil rights movement, federal oversight of southern voting practices was a sad necessity in order to ensure that all citizens were given a fair opportunity to freely exercise their right to vote.  ...