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Tag: Endangerment Finding

March 22, 2013

PLF launches Supreme Court challenge to EPA's carbon dioxide endangerment finding

When EPA determined in 2009 that carbon dioxide and related substances pose a danger to human health and the environment, it skipped a step.  EPA neglected to seek peer review from the Science Advisory Board (SAB), as required by law.  That means EPA has to go back to Square One and start over.  Accordingly, all ...

October 07, 2010

PLF files suit against EPA for failure to reconsider the Endangerment Finding

Author:  Theodore Hadzi-Antich Pacific Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit this week challenging EPA's refusal to reconsider its finding under the Clean Air Act that greenhouse gasses, mostly carbon dioxide, endanger public health and welfare.  In violation of a statute that has been on the books for decades, EP ...