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Tag: federal regulation

July 31, 2016

Is this the summer of our discontent?

Adherents of free markets and limited government have much to be gloomy about this year. Is now the summer of our discontent, made piteous winter by the loss of Scalia, increasing terrorist attacks, and concern about whether the next president will exceed the abuses of the past? Our concerns run deep, but we who fight ...

October 08, 2014

PLF files amicus brief in support of California raisin farmers

Under a draconian, Depression-era regulatory scheme, California raisin farmers are required to hand over a portion of their crop to the "Raisin Administrative Committee" (RAC), rather than selling it on the open market. The RAC is an unelected board overseen by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that has the authority to set the ...

June 14, 2010

PLF weighs in on Clean Water Act legislation

Author: M. Reed Hopper The San Diego Union-Tribune recently carried an op-ed by PLF Senior advisor Bob Vice entitled No Federal Water Micromanagement that spotlights the nature of heavy-handed federal regulation under proposed legislation to amend the Clean Water Act.  Here is the lead in: "Keeping America's water ...