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Tag: Georgia

May 25, 2017

Georgia’s Certificate of Need laws harm patients

Usually a medical practice that provides innovative, cost-effective, and relatively less invasive care for patients would be seen as a benefit to the community it serves. But that is not the case in Georgia, where Women's Surgical Center, LLC, has had to fight the state's anti-competitive Certificate of Need ("CON") laws in order to expand ...

August 20, 2014

PLF's Jonathan Wood will be on Georgia and California radio tomorrow discussing school choice

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be joining the Athens Morning News with Martha Zoller and Tim Bryant at 8:35 eastern (5:35 pacific). We’ll be discussing why school choice benefits students, parents, and taxpayers. The program will air on WGAU 1340 in Athens and can be heard online here. Later tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be on the Andy Caldwel ...

January 30, 2014

PLF and school choice

As PLF continues to celebrate School Choice Week 2014, here’s a look at some of the important school choice cases that we litigated last year: ...

May 10, 2010

A needed attempt to add balance to the Endangered Species Act

Author: Brandon Middleton Much of Georgia depends on Lake Lanier for their water supply.  There is an ongoing dispute concerning how much of Lake Lanier's water should be devoted downstream to endangered species in Florida.  After a two-year water shortage, folks in Georgia are well aware of how the Endangered Species Act can be use ...