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Tag: San Francisco tenant relocation ordinance

October 21, 2014

PLF and the Levins win: S.F. tenant-payment mandate is struck down

Today U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer sided with Pacific Legal Foundation's (PLF) lawsuit and struck down San Francisco's Tenant Relocation Ordinance, as unconstitutional. Under the ordinance, rental property owners who want to reclaim use of their own property must pay a massive sum to their tenants – a sum that the tenant doesn't even ...

October 15, 2014

PLF files final brief in San Francisco Tenant Relocation Ordinance challenge – ruling imminent

PLF attorneys filed their final brief in Daniel and Maria Levins' challenge to the City of San Francisco's outrageous Tenant Relocation Ordinance. The Ordinance requires landlords who wish to remove their property from the rental market to pay their tenants the difference between the tenant's existing, rent-controlled rate and the cost of acquiring ...

October 07, 2014

PLF's Levin trial in the news

PLF’s trial in Levin v. City and County of San Francisco was featured on last night’s ABC local news broadcast and made several of this morning’s papers.  These include: the San Francisco Examiner; the Courthouse News Service; and the S.F. Recorder.  Many of the reporters attended the trial and PLF’s press conference after ...

October 06, 2014

Trial in Levin v. San Francisco

PLF Principal Attorney Dave Breemer and I appeared before Judge Charles Breyer in San Francisco this morning at the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California.  Today was the bench trial on our facial claims challenging the City of San Francisco’s tenant relocation ordinance.  As reported, the law essentially holds San ...

October 01, 2014

Trial in San Francisco tenant relocation case

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California will soon hear PLF’s challenge to San Francisco’s Tenant Relocation Ordinance.  This is the law requiring landlords to pay their tenants the difference between the rent-controlled rate they’ve been paying, and the amount it would cost the tenant to rent a comparabl ...