Supreme Court hears oral argument in excessive fines case

November 28, 2018 | By CHRISTINA MARTIN

Today the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Timbs v.  Indiana, a case brought by our friends at Institute for Justice.  In Timbs, the Supreme Court will decide whether the Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Fines Clause is incorporated against the states. In other words, the court will decide whether the Eighth Amendment prevents states (and n ...


PLF asks Supreme Court to give homeowners meaningful protection from excessive fines

September 12, 2018 | By CHRISTINA MARTIN

Our friends at Institute for Justice have convinced the Supreme Court to soon decide in the case Timbs v. Indiana whether the Constitution restrains states (and not just the federal government) from imposing excessive fines. This case started when the State of Indiana  attempted to take Mr. Timbs’s Land Rover, on top of other punishments, ...