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Tag: washington state

March 10, 2017

An online review portal could replace some occupational licenses in Washington

Those of us who oppose over-abundant occupational licensing schemes due to the burdens they impose on employment and the economy without supplying many benefits for the public, frequently note that web-based services like Yelp, and Uber and Lyft’s 5-star rating system are good examples of alternatives to licensing. As it turns out, one Washin ...

May 11, 2016

Can a county turn your land into a water treatment facility without paying?

This week Pacific Legal Foundation filed this petition in the Supreme Court of the United States, asking it to decide whether the government can make shoreline property owners give up part of their land to serve as water quality buffers for the surrounding community. This case, Common Sense Alliance v. San Juan County, deals with a ...

February 05, 2013

Kitsap County rejects non-conforming use designation for shoreline homes

For nearly a decade, PLF was locked in litigation with Kitsap County over its critical areas ordinance.  Although the ordinance was ultimately upheld, we scored quite a few wins along the way. One of those wins may have turned the tide on a growing trend among local governments of addressing conflicts between homes and newly ...

February 08, 2011

Finding a silver lining

Author: Brian T. Hodges Washington State requires local governments to continuously adopt, amend, and revisit their land use codes every 5-7 years to meet the moving targets of the state's environmental and growth management policies.  For years, property owners have complained about the massive cost imposed by the state's shifting developmen ...

February 24, 2010

Washington beats Supreme Court to the draw on Second Amendment

Author: Daniel Himebaugh McDonald v. Chicago could be one of the most important U.S. Supreme Court decisions this term because it will determine whether the Second Amendment applies to the states.  Residents of Washington State, however, need not wait on the U.S. Supreme Court to make that determination.  Last week, the Supreme Court of ...