There's no such thing as "careful" discrimination

October 28, 2014 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

PLF friend Jennifer Gratz published an op-ed in the Washington Times today on the Administration’s desire to see racial preferences continue indefinitely.  Here’s a snippet:

In today’s increasingly pluralistic society, race usually does not — and certainly should not — determine what obstacles individuals have had to overcome or advantages they receive. Sadly, race-based policies lock individuals into stale stereotypes and encourage administrators and bureaucrats to treat applicants as racial tokens instead of unique individuals.

There are many benefits to having institutions made up of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, and we are right to strive for a culture that provides fair opportunities for any individual who works to excel. Demands for racial gerrymandering, though, in education, business, politics or any other segment of society only stall our progress as a nation toward colorblind equality.

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