Washington Post publishes op-ed on Arty Vogt's fight for economic liberty

November 04, 2016 | By ANASTASIA BODEN

The Washington Post has published my op-ed regarding our newest Competitor’s Veto lawsuit on behalf of entrepreneur Arty Vogt.

As you may remember, Arty owns a moving company based in Virginia, just miles from the West Virginia border. Arty started working for the business after graduating from college, and eventually, he and his wife Stefanie were able to save up enough money to buy the business.  Arty regularly receives calls asking that he provide moving services in West Virginia, and he wants to expand his business there, but he has to turn down those jobs thanks to the state’s Competitor’s Veto law.  That law requires applicants for new businesses to satisfy the impossible and unfair requirement that they prove that their new company is “necessary.”  We sued in early 2016 to defend Arty’s right to earn a living.

For more about the case, and about PLF’s campaign against Competitor’s Veto laws, read the Washington Post piece here.