Welcome to #Back2SchoolChoice Week!

August 19, 2013 | By JOSHUA THOMPSON

With students around the country returning to school, PLF thought it would be a good time to remind everybody of the benefits of school choice.  To that end, all this week we will be celebrating Back to School Choice Week.

School choice can mean many things, but broadly speaking, it is the idea that parents and students should have choices in how and where America’s children are educated.   Gone is the day of the top-down, one-size-fits-all government model.   When parents and students are empowered with choices, schools must compete for the students, thereby improving the quality and service of the education children receive.   As recognized by even the California Legislature, school choice “provides vigorous competition within the public school system to stimulate continual improvement in all public schools.”

Today, school choice involves vouchers, tax credits, charter schools, and homeschooling.  PLF suports all of these attempts to provide parents and students with more choices in their education.  And we are in courts across the country defending school choice.  All this week we will be highlighting some PLF’s most exciting school choice cases.  But, in addition to that, we want to introduce you to some of the interesting developments, people, organizations, and ideas in school choice movement.  It’s Back2SchoolChoice Week here at PLF and across the country!  You can follow #Back2SchoolChoice Week on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Spread the word.  Get involved in the conversation.  Get involved in the movement! Next year hopefully more students will have choices in their education.