How long is too long for a court to 'rehear' a case?

August 19, 2016 | By MARK MILLER

Earlier this year, careful readers of the blog know I called your attention to a regulatory land grab taking place in the beautiful Florida Keys. That case, known as Beyer v. City of Marathon, has remained pending on a motion for rehearing before the Third District Court of Appeal for the State of Florida for three years. Pacific Legal Foundation had monitored this case for years but finally decided enough was enough – it was time for us to get involved.

To that end, PLF filed its Notice of Appearance and Notice of Supplemental Authority in the case on behalf of the property owner earlier this week. We support the property owner and the quest to have the appellate courts in Florida, and the Supreme Court of the United States if necessary, recognize that the Fifth Amendment demands real financial compensation when the government takes your property by way of regulation. We will fight to make sure the Beyers either find themselves able to use their property as they had the right to do, or justly compensated for the taking.