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Month: March 2007

March 30, 2007

Why The Government Condemns Raisins

by Timothy Sandefur You might think it a little strange that every year the federal government seizes up to a quarter of the entire raisin crop in California. But it's called "agricultural adjustment," and it's done by a government-run cartel that has operated since the New Deal on the theory that making raisins and other ...

March 29, 2007

It Wasn't Just Us

The people of Riviera Beach, Fla., witnesses to and victims of one of the most brazen attempts at eminent domain abuse anywhere in America, have spoken.  In elections held March 13 and March 27, they voted out of office the mayor and every incumbent member of city council up for re-election.  So too were defeated ...

March 27, 2007

Yes, This is Real.

by Steven Geoffrey Gieseler So teachers at a Seattle afterschool program called the Hilltop Childrens Center banned Legos.  The teachers' warped, though absolutely priceless, explanation for the decision is here.  I believe this is the first item I've deemed a "must-read" in nearly a year of writing on this blog.  ...

March 26, 2007

Robbins Editorial

Thanks to Liberty Papers for pointing out this editorial on Robbins v. Wilkie that appears in the Colorado Springs Gazette. The Papers has a few other choice comments as well. ...

March 26, 2007

Yet Another Redevelopment Failure

by Timothy Sandefur The Palm Springs (CA) Desert Sun has an enlightening report on yet another failure in California's sad history of using eminent domain for "redevelopment." Excerpt: After spending more than $14.5 million to buy land near the Indio Fashion Mall and transform the area into a hip, outdoor shopping and entertainment ce ...

March 26, 2007

Property Wars: The Government Strikes Back

by Timothy Sandefur Over at the Cato Institute's site, there's a podcast featuring me talking about the Robbins v. Wilkie case. You can listen by clicking here. ...

March 25, 2007

Property Rights And The Powerless

by Timothy Sandefur The Orange County Register's Steven Greenhut (whose Abuse of Power blew the whistle on eminent domain abuse before most people knew what it was), has a great column today on eminent domain, the Robbins case, and other property rights issues. As Greenhut explains, the people who suffer the most from the watering ...

March 23, 2007

Can Courts Compel Government to Abuse Eminent Domain?

by Timothy Sandefur Some years ago, the town of Wheat Ridge, Colorado—a suburb of Denver—decided to engage in some redevelopment. So it made a contract with the (unfortunately named) Cornerstone Group, whereby it agreed to condemn several properties and turn them over to Cornerstone, which would redevelop them. Later on, the city changed its mi ...

March 22, 2007

Eminent Domain Reform After Prop. 90

Larry Gilbert's Orange Juice blog has some comments on eminent domain reform in California, take 2. In particular, he points to Kermit Marsh's article in the current Red County magazine on eminent domain reform in the wake of Prop. 90's failure. ...

March 22, 2007

Property "Rites" in China

by Timothy Sandefur We often hear polyannish statements by overly optimistic libertarians that the People's Republic of China is coming around to respecting property rights. An article in the new American magazine takes a more realistic view of some of these changes. Excerpt: This year the seven-times revised, 40-page, 247-article bill will be ...