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September 05, 2019

How the Takings Clause protects property rights

One evening several years ago, someone smashed the passenger window of my unattended, worn-down car and stole several items. I was frustrated to find a damp car seat covered with broken glass. But when I realized that the few stolen items included a small, unlabeled leather-bound Bible that held sentimental value for me, I felt ...

October 11, 2018

PLF Urges Supreme Court to Review Hawaii Takings Case

In an attempt to preserve undeveloped beachfront land in Maui, Maui County planned to purchase nine parcels to create a park. But the County ran into a predictable problem; beachfront lots in Maui don’t come cheap. As a result, seven of the parcels ended up in the hands of private landowners. So the County achieved ...

October 08, 2018

Taking back takings lawsuits

Originally published in the Daily Journal, October 8, 2018.  This term the Supreme Court has a chance to overturn a decades-old decision that kept many property owners out of federal courts. Thirty-three years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court struck a serious blow to the constitutional rights of private property owners nationwide. A court decision to ...

August 06, 2018

PLF files brief in Florida takings case at Supreme Court

This week, Pacific Legal Foundation filed its Reply Brief in support of its Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the Pacetta v. Town of Ponce Inlet case. Pacetta, a case trapped in the court system for years, is an important case for all land owners who find themselves at the mercy of a local government ...

January 25, 2018

Supreme Court refuses to hear important Florida Keys takings case

Earlier this week, we learned that the U.S. Supreme Court would not hear the important takings case arising from the Florida Keys known as Ganson v. City of Marathon. ...

December 30, 2017

Supreme Court to conference PLF’s Florida Keys takings case in January

Like many members of that generation, Gordon and Molly Beyer bought land in Florida with a hope to one day have a residence in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, the government had other ideas. ...

September 22, 2017

PLF asks Supreme Court to secure property owners’ path to takings claim

This week, PLF filed this amicus brief in Beach Group Investments, Inc. v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  This case raises yet another example of how the lower courts are struggling to interpret the Supreme Court's "final decision ripeness" rule in takings claims. The takings ripeness doctrine requires a final administrative deci ...

July 12, 2017

Making takings law great again in Florida

The Florida Legislature expects the courts of this bonny state to protect property rights. But the courts have not gotten the message. Time after time, the courts of the state fail to protect the property rights of Florida land owners. The latest example of that failure arose in a case called P.I.E., LLC v. DeSoto ...

July 02, 2017

Yes, Justice Thomas, the doctrine of regulatory takings is originalist

In his dissent in Murr v. Wisconsin, Justice Thomas opined that “the Court, however, has never purported to ground those precedents in the Constitution as it was originally understood.” and “in my view, it would be desirable for us to take a fresh look at our regulatory takings jurisprudence, to see whether it can be ...

March 13, 2017

New LibertyBrief – Regulatory takings and Murr v. Wisconsin

As many of you may be aware, we are just one week away from oral arguments in the Supreme Court in the case of Murr v. Wisconsin. Murr is the latest in a long line of property rights cases litigated by Pacific Legal Foundation all the way to the highest court in America. Todd Gaziano and ...