A new PLF is born

September 18, 2017 | By STEVEN D. ANDERSON

One year ago we reported on PLF’s wholesale review of our operations as we prepare for our 50th anniversary and beyond, based on the realization that to vindicate fully the principles of individual liberty, we couldn’t simply rely on the ways of the past.

Sword&Scales is among the first outward examples of our future. As you’ll notice, our visual brand has changed to capture our assertive posture and bold ideas. The new name for our newsletter also reflects our internal balance between determination and principle.

Ultimately, a logo or website or color scheme can only do so much. They cannot define us. Instead, we will—through our victories for individuals to pursue happiness—define them so that Pacific Legal Foundation is forever synonymous with defending liberty and justice for all.

And whatever we do during the next several decades to put government in its proper place, we will always remain true to our core purpose—enforcing the Constitution’s guarantee of individual liberty to secure the inalienable rights of all Americans to live productively and responsibly.

To that end, this issue celebrates what put PLF on the map, the right that is the foundation of every other right—the right to private property. We look forward to sharing our experiences on this and all our other litigation areas in years to come.