An Email from A Bureaucrat


by Timothy Sandefur

This morning, I received the following email from Lee Cameron, executive director of the Economic Development Corporation in Freeport, Texas, and the site of the Western Seafood eminent domain case. Mr. Cameron, writing from a government email account paid for by tax dollars, writes:

You probably don't care but I am going to tell you anyway.  Carla Main's book is a work of fiction.  The truth did not fit her purpose so she eagerly accepted the spoon fed version given her by Wright Gore.  Gore is a master manipulator and has been the antagonist from day one.  Thre would have been no eminent domain proceedings in Freeport if he had not attempted to stop the development.  The Gore family considers the river as their private property and their attack on Freeport is all about greed and power.  It's as simple as that.

Lee Cameron

Well, the public can read Ms. Main's excellent book and judge for themselves whether it is family business owner Wright Gore–or ambitious bureaucrat Lee Cameron–who is really "all about greed and power."

(I tried responding to Mr. Cameron's email, by the way, but he had blocked me.)