An Interesting Development re. ACA 8


by Timothy Sandefur

The California Alliance to Protect Property Rights has some interesting news:

In order to avoid a contentious public hearing, the Assembly Judiciary Committee has moved up its hearing on the redevelopment industry’s legislative package, introduced by Assemblyman Hector De La Torre, to Tuesday, July 3rd – one day prior to the 4th of July holiday!

As reported earlier, ACA 8 will do little to protect homeowners and businesses from eminent domain abuse.  Property rights experts from the Pacific Legal Foundation and the Institute for Justice identified "loopholes" in the legislation that render their so-called "Kelo" reforms meaningless.

Remember, ACA 8 was drafted by special interest groups who continue to defend government’s power to profit by seizing private property from unwilling sellers and it shows!

As reported in the Orange County Register and by Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee, the measure is intended to undermine passage of the California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act – a ballot measure proposed for June 2008 that, unlike ACA 8, will provide Constitutional protections to all private property.

To learn what property rights experts and others say about ACA 8, visit our website by clicking here and scroll down to ACA 8. 

It's hard to see what the point of having the hearing on July 3 could be except to make it harder for concerned citizens to attend the hearing.